Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Romney Campaign Responds

Ann Romney sprinkles sugar on her man and his "emotion-free crisis management" style.

Mitt and I love our dogs. Seamus was our first--an Irish setter. When I wasn't at home, Mitt let him sleep on the bed. And usually when he was riding in the car, his head was out the window. Seamus lived to a ripe old age, basking in the affection of a large family.

Surprise, surprise, the media didn't get the dog story right. Our dog Seamus rode in an ENCLOSED kennel, not in the open air. And he loved it. Every time he saw it, he jumped up on the tailgate, walked in, and lay down. It was just like the kennel he curled up in at home.

We are a dog family. Casey was our Bichon, McKenzie our Golden, and Marley our Weimaraner. Marley had 8 puppies, which Mitt delivered all night for her one summer.

When she died last year, she was in Mitt and our arms, and we all cried. Yes, we love our dogs.

Now horses, that's my love too. Mitt rides them--I love them. But that's another blog.

Well, that's all very touching, but let's cut to the chase.

To begin with, Ann Romney never denies that the kennel, enclosed or not, was strapped to the top of the car. Secondly, the media does actually mention that Seamus was in a dog carrier. Third, the practice is illegal in Massachusetts. And finally, if you're going to steal a tactic from Elizabeth Edwards's confrontation with Ann Coulter, please remember that it's only effective when one is sincere and the facts are on your side; not when you're trying to make excuses for cruel and reckless behavior.

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